Dear customers, please note that all pies need to be ordered 1 day before we cut-off at 1pm, for more details, please click here.

- Dear Customers -

Dear customers, please note that all pies need to be ordered 1 day before we cut-off at 1pm. For example, let's say today is Monday. If you want to receive a pie on Wednesday, you would need to place your order before 1pm on Tuesday.

This is to ensure that we have enough time to prepare the pies fresh and fulfill all the orders in a timely manner.

Thanks For Your Understanding!


About Us


Our Mission

Our mission at Posh Pies Company is to create artisanal pies that stand out in taste and flavor, By blending innovative flavors and textures with traditional baking techniques. Our mission statement is simple: to evoke joy and happiness through every pie we make, using the best ingredients and creative spirit to give our pies an unparalleled character and taste experience.

Our Values

At our artisanal pie bakery, we believe in creating delicious and quality pies that are made with care and attention to detail. We value:


We believe in the artistry of pie-making and take pride in our handcrafted pies, using only high quality ingredients and techniques.


We take inspiration from traditional pie-making methods and recipes, while also embracing creativity and innovation.


We believe that sharing a delicious pie with loved ones brings joy and happiness, and we are dedicated to spreading that joy through our pies.

How We Operate

POSH Pies will be an online based business, with its own website and available on Grab. The pies will be made available at physical store by slices at Bricks & Bread and Dough & Dolce or any future participating stores.

Potentially, the business could be expanded by collaboration with drink/coffee specialty cafe, or stand-alone kiosk or pop-up for more branding visibility.


We offer tons of Product Sizes

The products could be categorized into these Sizes:

Cafe Supply size (9-inch baking tins)

Retail (6-inch aluminium case)

Individual Pie Size

Small bite size / party size

We offer tons of unique flavours

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